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Reminder: Commissions at EB Games Expo 2016

Just a few days to go! I’ll be taking commissions live at EB Games Expo 2016¬†this Friday night, 30th of September. If you’re attending, I’ll be in the Lovesac Lounge located just right of the dome entrance. If you’re unable…
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Gwan Anthology is now available

It seems like ages since I submitted “Dear Giang” to Forward Comix for its Gwan Anthology it was putting together. I watched as it hit its Kickstarter goal in record time… then double its target. Jerome Walford who runs Forward…
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Doing commissions at EB Games Expo 2016

I’ll be at EB Games Expo 2016 this year again, taking commissions! It’s a break from this year’s goal of not attending conventions. But I make an exception for this one for a few reasons: It’s a booking. Lovesac Australia…
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Comparing past and present work

Working at a skill takes time, and while you’re doing the actual labour, you don’t notice how you’re getting better at things. SOme days you draw crap; some days you want to show the world your amazing piece of art…
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Digital Commission process

A3 commission

I get a few questions when people order a commission off the site, stuff¬†about when I expect money, what the process is, and how long it usually takes. I hope to clear this up in this post with a short…
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