Digital Commission process

I get a few questions when people order a commission off the site, stuff about when I expect money, what the process is, and how long it usually takes. I hope to clear this up in this post with a short example of a recent commission I did.

The process:

Initial sketch


Step 1: Head on over to the Digital Commissions page. There you will see some examples of past work, and at the bottom, there’s a contact form to fill out. No payment is required at this stage, so there is no obligation for simply requesting a commission.

Step 2: I will receive an email with your request, and reply at earliest convenience to the email provided. I’ll confirm your order – that you requested the selected poster size, the correct number of prints, any additional characters above the 2x character limit, etc.

Step 3: Once you’ve acknowledged, I will get to work on a rough sketch of your commission. No payment is required at this stage either. I will send you a picture to confirm it’s to your satisfaction. Feel free to make any changes at this stage. I will try my best to accommodate them, usually doing them on a digital overlay.

Step 4: Once you’ve approved the basic layout and design, I will make a payment request.

Step 5: I will get to work on the digital inks, colours and shading, and send you a few progress shots if I’m stuck at any point. This process can vary in duration due to other on-going commitments, or amount of detail required.

Step 6: Once I’ve completed the commission, I will send you a hi resolution digital copy for final approval. If you’re happy with the results, I will get the artwork printed, packaged and mailed to you at earliest convenience. Postage is included in the price. There is no additional postage charge.

I also have a page where you can order pencil and/or marker sketches. The process is similar, without the digital side of things. I also limit the size to A4.