Doing commissions at EB Games Expo 2016

I’ll be at EB Games Expo 2016 this year again, taking commissions!

It’s a break from this year’s goal of not attending conventions. But I make an exception for this one for a few reasons:

  • It’s a booking. Lovesac Australia is kind enough to book me (as well as a few other artists) plus let us keep all our profits. This goes a long way to chipping away at the debt incurred from previous conventions where the net is almost always a loss.
  • I enjoy meeting the fans. Gaming fans also attend the big pop-culture cons, so there’s a lot of overlap. They’re always so enthusiastic to talk gaming, come up with original concepts, and make an expo like this something fun to attend.
  • I get some seriously amazing requests. On occasion, I’ll get requests to sketch a favourite character, but more often, I get some really creative mash-up ideas, or even totally original ones. My favourites are when fans request their own designs in some sort of scene.

If you’re attending the Expo, come say hi! No obligation to get a commission. I love to talk about what you’ve been playing, and what you think of the expo!


Do check out some of the awesome commissions people have requested in the past by visiting my commissions page and FYI: you don’t have to attend a convention to get your very own commission. You can order one right from the commission pages!