Dollar Downloads

There’s a lot of places where you can get DRM free digital comics, and while the digital platform has not kerbed sales of hard copies, it does have some popularity among comic fans.

Dollar Downloads Banner

Alix Jackson started up a site called Dollar Downloads which hosts a great selection of titles, with the added bonus that each week, a random selection are made available for just $1AUD

I added Pandeia to his line-up, and the new issues (when they’re ready) will go up as well. They are the same, high-quality PDFs available here, and are completely DRM-Free.

While I sell each issue for $1.29 here on the website, you can snag yourself a bargain, grab a few titles, and make a saving. I’ve put a link on each issue’s store page to it’s Dollar Downloads link. If you want updates, like their facebook page or follow them on twitter.