Free Comic Book Day!

May 2nd is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! The perfect time to remind you that Pandeia Issue 1# eBook edition is available as a FREE download from the eStore. So if you’ve not already started reading Pandeia, Free Comic Book Day is the perfect time to begin!

Pandeia: Issue 1 digital

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Now in a glorious much-improved 2nd Edition!

The crew of the Theian Sandboat Selina breach the northern borders of the Cadian desert in search of the Temple of Thanatos. They are waylaid by traders, and forced into an underground maze. Minauld attempts to wrestle control of the shifting tunnels as Corben and Tholemo enter an ambush.

eBook: 22 pages, hi-quality PDF – download directly to your eReading device!

First issue FREE

Also available through COMIXOLOGY