Geeking out in Oz

I made a recent appearance on the Geek of Oz official podcast, Read Watch Play and had an absolute ball geeking out over all things pop culture. Apart from chatting about what we were reading, watching and playing (I talk up Antman, Stargate Atlantis, The Martian, and Fez) I got to give a few tips to Christof and the gang about making indie comics.

I also got to pimp my new issue of Pandeia which is available both IN PRINT and as a DRM-FREE EBOOK from the eStore right now.

Pandeia Issue 6 Print

Print Edition

Pandeia Issue 6 eBook

Digital Edition


We didn’t get to discussing the plot so much as the technique, so for anyone interested, this issue is a Marcus Blair flashback set 15 years earlier. He’s in love with an illegal immigrant who tends bar at a local watering hole. When his relationship is exposed, tension flare. Marcus is young and idealistic at this stage, but his love for Lan may not be enough to save her from those who can do the most harm.

So I wrote a refugee story set in a sci-fi world. Off-mike we discussed how Sci-fi permits the telling of very powerful stories without referencing the real world, but with allegories which can carry deep meaning. Kinda wish that was caught on tape, but we were a little pressed for time.

So go have a listen, and geek out with us for about an hour. I guarantee it’s an entertaining and informed listen. While there, why not subscribe via iTunes or your fave pod-listening app?

If you’ve been a fan of Pandeia, and have read through the 5 freely available chapters here on the website, why not download the next issue for $0.99 or order the lovingly printed hard copy for yourself?


Personally, this is the issue I am most proud of both artistically, and as a writer. If you’re in Australia, the price of issue plus postage adds up to $7AUD (naturally a little more if you’re OS). I am working on a selection of art you can add to an order to offset postage, so by choosing an additional poster at a reduced price, you get some extra swag, and subsidise the freight.

If you’re a ComiXology user, did you know you can grab the first five issues there for just $.099 each?

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