Gwan Anthology is now available

It seems like ages since I submitted “Dear Giang” to Forward Comix for its Gwan Anthology it was putting together. I watched as it hit its Kickstarter goal in record time… then double its target.

Jerome Walford who runs Forward Comix did an amazing job of promoting the book, and getting it to out to the world in a big way. It is now available through Amazon as well as some major books retailers. Collecting stories and artwork from over 30 artists spanning more than 15 countries, the Gwan Anthology collects stories of the migrant experience in a spectrum of genres and art styles.

I received my copies recently and had a flick through. It was great to see ‘Dear Giang’ in there, but I was blown away with much of the other art in there! It truly is an amazing book.

Gwan book arrived


If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, it is now available to order on Amazon