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Processdiary RETIRED

Over the years, I’ve tried my hand at various media, and by far the biggest solo thing I did was The Process Diary. It was a podcast, a tutorial site, a base from which to conduct interviews with other artists,…
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How To Make It As An Independent Illustrator

I recently had an article published on Lifehacker (many thanks to Chris Jager for publishing) on a subject near and dear to my heart. It stemmed from rethinking how to succeed as an independent creative, and focuses on diversifying ┬áthe…
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Some recent editing work

A few months ago, I worked on an ad campaign to rebrand Badger’s Bluff, a bourbon whiskey. Symmetry Media was in charge of shooting the project, and I was hired on to do the edits for the various youtube spots….
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EB Games Expo 2015

Hi everyone, I’ll be appearing at the EB Games Expo Sydney in a couple of weeks, where you can bug me for live commissions! Want an A4 poster of your favourite game character(s) illustrated, digitally coloured and mailed to your…
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Pandeia Issue 6 on ComiXology

Oh – did I mention? In what must be a record turn-around time, Issue 6 is up on ComiXology less than a calandar month after submitting it. This is great news, as I’m well on the way to completing the…
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