Pandeia Book I free web-comic now available here

Before the official site is goes offline for good, I’ve ported all the pages of Pandeia: Book I to this website for your reading pleasure. The first five chapters were my first foray into web-comics, and I intend to keep them freely available. Of course, you can always buy yourself a hard copy, or DRM-Free eBook to read off-site.

Issue 6 has not got completed artwork, and is with the letterer, and the cover art is almost done. Once all the pages are returned, they’ll go off to print, and I shall place Issue 6 online for pre-order. This will be the first issue not released as a web-comic, but will still be available as a DRM-Free eBook as well as in print.

If you’re new to Pandeia, and want to know what it’s all about, enjoy this short trailer.

In other news: Local postage is about to get cheaper, with Officeworks offering print-at-home labels for larger packages. I’ll be doing a bit of research, but right now, it looks pretty good on the surface. It’s similar to the US-based service, Stamps dot com, so if you post a lot of parcels locally, you might want to look into it yourselves.