Pandeia: Book I Trailer

Almost five centuries since the moon was destroyed and great cataclysms reshaped the Earth, civilisation re-emerged under a strange new sky. But war is brewing between the city-states that border the Cadian Desert. Whoever dominates the Cadians controls the geothermal trade, but it’s nomadic inhabitants are a force to be reckoned with. Corben Wallace discovers an ancient book, hidden from the Theian Order by his father, Erasthmus. Its pages contain riddles and clues about the moon’s destruction and the forthcoming consequences for the Earth. Corben must now seek out evidence to convince The Order of the truth in its riddles before it’s too late. Joined in his quest by his friend, Tholemo and daughter Minauld, Corben heads deep into the hostile Cadians in search of answers.

Pandeia: Book I collects Chapters 1-5 of this epic saga.

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