Pandeia Issue 6 release date closer

My awesome letterer, Nic J Shaw has been inundated with some exceptional projects, not to mention uni work. As such, he’s been extremely patient with my pestering, but we’ve decided on a delivery date for the lettering. I have an ETA for Issue 6: Campfires II of mid-July 2015 with Issue 7: Ambush at Thanatos soon to follow.


A bit of recap on some of the artwork you’ll be seeing in the issue:

Work on Issue 7: Ambush at Thanatos has progressed to the point where I have almost completed all background renders, and even have a couple of wonderful show pieces I plan to issue soon as prints. As far as my schedule goes, foregrounds for Issue 7 should be completed by the end of July, which means it will be released hot on the heels of Issue 6… and of course Issue 8 is already deep in production, with just one major set in need of final construction.

Stay tuned for a definite pre-order date. Remember: these issues will not be released as a web-comic. All on-going issues will be available for purchase, only. Single issues will remain $1.29AUD price for the eBook edition, and $4.99 price for physical copies.

I am also working on a way to reduce postage for items. My current idea is to bundle issues together with some artwork, be it a poster, or a set of postcards to offset the postage costs world-wide. I see this as a win-win: what you would normally pay for in postage go towards some awesome extras.