Pandeia site expiring

Hey everyone. After 5 years, I have decided to retire the official site.


It officially expires on the 17th this month, so if you want to go and wave goodbye to it one last time you got a couple of weeks (click on the picture above). Never fret, however: all the free pages will be made available right here in their own special category in a few days. I’m still testing the pages to see if they’ll look good on mobile devices and so far, so good!

It makes more sense to host it here, along with the eStore and all my art rather than have it on its own website that barely got any traffic in the first place. I hope more fans will be attracted to the title via this more responsive website, and will continue reading the book beyond the first free 5 issues (at $1.29 for each subsequent DRM free download, it’s a bargain!).

If you like the story and want to own a copy, remember you can always order the print editions from the eStore – either the individual floppies or the collected trade.

So watch this space for further updates on when the pages will become available here. In the meantime, I am racing to complete Issue 6# and itching to move onto Issue 7# pages. As soon as a cover is completed, Issue 6# will be announced as available for pre-order. It won’t be far off actual release (mere DAYS after) but this should be a good indicator of interest in the book, and response to the website. I’ll not give any story spoilers away just yet. Instead, here are just a handful of screenshots to whet your appetite:

Alkmer by night Sen defiant Marcus and Lan running Lan Shi Marcus jumps Marcus in Uniform Marl Gorman

For Processdiary fans – I still have another year left on that domain, but I’ll probably doing a similar thing with that site, sweeping away the older more redundant material. Not to worry: I shall be migrating all the relevant tutorial material and freebies over to here so you’ll still be able to enjoy the content.