Processdiary RETIRED

Over the years, I’ve tried my hand at various media, and by far the biggest solo thing I did was The Process Diary. It was a podcast, a tutorial site, a base from which to conduct interviews with other artists, talk about current projects, and connect with other creatives from around the world.

But the time has come when it has faded into a hosted sub-domain on my main site, waiting to be retired. It’s sad in a way, but cancelling the domain is somewhat liberating. I’ve been slowly turning all my efforts in promoting myself as a motion graphics designer and illustrator, and that’s best done with a page dedicated to all things… well… me.

I’ve archived all the media that I produced for TPD – podcasts, videos, articles – and there may come a time when I add a page here giving you access to all those wonderful hours of stuff, if you’re interested in taking a trip back.

In this age of social media, websites seem to be a thing everyone still thinks they have to have, even though a Facebook account or Tumblr page is more widely seen. It’s still considered something like a home where you can store all your shit, while your Social Media presence is more like your public face, or shop-front, where you announce your wares to the world in a place that is easily accessible.

I kinda like what this particular website has turned into. Content-wise, it’s clean, easy to navigate, and stores all the stuff I really want people to have access to: showreels, portfolios, an eStore, etc.

I’ve already set up redirects for both the email account and the website, so with any luck when the domain expires in early 2016, most people looking for me there will land here.

I won’t easily forget the years I worked on the Process Diary. They span a big swath of important events: going freelance; getting married; having kids; creating a comic – all the stuff that has led me to this point.

Cheers to that journey, which is still on-going, just a bit… different.