Some recent editing work

A few months ago, I worked on an ad campaign to rebrand Badger’s Bluff, a bourbon whiskey. Symmetry Media was in charge of shooting the project, and I was hired on to do the edits for the various youtube spots. It was a fun campaign to work on, and provided a challenge to fit the initial premise into the required ads.

The basic story is that some stunt bike enthusiasts re-school an old penny farthing into a stunt bike, then test it out on their stunt track. After a successful ramp jump, the friends then go back to someone’s house where they celebrate with Badger’s Bluff mixers on a sunny Australian afternoon.

It took a few rounds to please Symmetry’s client, but in the end, several cuts were produced for the various imprints: a 1:30min; a 30 second; and a 15 second. Here is the full version that tells the entire story.

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